Equity & Diversity Policy

Equity & Diversity Policy


The Organising Committee is committed to the promotion of equity and recognition of diversity at the IUMRS International Conference in Asia. Our aim is to provide an environment that fosters fairness, equity, and respect for social and cultural diversity, and that is free from unlawful Discrimination, Bullying, Harassment, Vilification and Victimisation. We strive to offer equal opportunities for participation in all aspects of the Conference with a minimum of 30% of all plenary, keynote and invited speakers to be female, as well as session chairs and our own organising committees.

Our goals to increase diversity include:

– To encourage individual differences to be valued at all levels;
– To generate awareness of diversity, inclusivity, accessibility and transparency issues.
– To develop targets around diversity to be embedded across all IUMRS-ICA activities;
– To ensure activities and targets to improve diversity, inclusivity, accessibility and transparency are initiated, led and monitored.

We encourage any attendee to make contact if they require family-friendly measures so that we can facilitate their availability. 

In developing our gender balance policy we were influenced by the following articles: The Lorne Protein conference article on the Women in Science Australia webpage (link to https://womeninscienceaust.org/2015/11/15/achieving-gender-balance-in-less-than-3-years/), and the “Ten Simple Rules to Achieve Conference Speaker Gender Balance” (link to https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4238945/).