Symposia Program

A. Electronic and Optical Materials

Chair:                              Yuerui Lu (Australian National University)
Co-chairs:                      Sumeet Walia (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology)
                                        Qing Chen (Peking University, China)
                                         Kwanyong Seo (Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, Korea)
                                         Zhenxiang Cheng (University of Wollongong)

A1. Two-Dimensional Materials and Related Structures
A2. Advanced Optoelectronic and Electronic Materials
A3. Advanced Interconnects and Packaging, Materials, Characterization, and Methodology
A4. Advanced Technologies for Memory Devices and Flexible Electronics
A5. Advanced Materials and Related Technology for Next Generation Displays
A6. Plasmonics and Metamaterials
A7. Australia-Japan joint forum on thermoelectric materials for sustainable development 

Chair:                              Paolo Mele (Shibaura Institute of Technology, Japan)
Co-chair:                         Zhi-Gang Chen (University of Southern Queensland, Australia)
                                         Shrikant Saini (Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan)

A8. Advanced Ferroic Materials

  B. Energy and Environment Materials

Chair:                             Ying (Ian) Chen (Deakin University)
Co-chairs:                      Rachel Caruso (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology)
                                        Toshi Mori (National Institute for Materials Science, Japan)

B1. Solar Cells
B2. Photocatalysis and Photosynthesis
B3. Energy Generation and Conversion
B4. Energy Storage (Batteries and supercapacitors)
B5. Bio-based Fuel and Chemical
B6. Australia-Japan joint forum on Advance Energy Materials

Chair:                               Toshiyuki Mori (National Institute for Materials Science, Japan)
Co-Chair:                         Ajayan Vinu (The University of Newcastle, Australia)

 C. Bio-Materials

Chair:                             Cuie Wen (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology)
Co-chairs:                      Yuncang Li (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology)
                                        Larisa Haupt (Queensland University of Technology )
                                        A/Prof Lihai Zhang (University of Melbourne)

C1. Biomimetic Materials
C2. Biocompatible Materials for Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering
C3. Biomaterials for Device Applications
C4. Functional Nanomaterials for Therapeutic Delivery, Diagnosis, and Detection
C5. Biomedical Sensing Materials, Electrodes, and Devices
C6. Natures Materials: Complex and Functional Structures in Biology

 D. Advanced Functional Materials

Chair:                              Joe Shapter (University of Queensland)
Co-chairs:                      Yun Liu (Australian National University)
                                        Christopher Ling (University of Sydney)
                                        Dusan Losic (University of Adelaide)
                                        Paul Monroe (University of New South Wales)

D1. AdvancedCarbon Materials
D2. Advanced Ceramic Materials
D3. Advanced Polymeric Materials
D4. Advanced Magnetic Materials
D5. Nanomaterials and Composites
D6. Smart Materials
D7. Australia-Japan joint forum on Carbon and Related Materials – Synthesis, Evaluation and Applications

Chair:                             Satoru Kaneko (KISTEC, Ebina, Japan)
Co-chiar:                        Francesca Iacopi (University of Technology Sydney, Australia)

D8. Australia-Japan joint forum on Oxide thin films and Nano-composites (Surface-related Science and Engineering) 

Chair:                                Yukiko Yamada-Takamura, (Jp. Ad. Inst. Sci. Tech. (JAIST), Nomi, Japan)
Co-chair:                           Jin Zou, (University of Queensland, Queensland, Australia)
                                           Hanae K-Aoki (Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan)

 E. Advanced Structured Materials

Chair:                             Chris Hutchinson (Monash)
Co-chairs:                      Ma Qian (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology)
                                        Michael Ferry (University of New South Wales)

E1. High-Entropy Alloys and Metallic Glass Materials
E2. Advanced metallurgy
E3. 3D Additive Manufacturing Materials and Technology

F. Computational Materials

Chair:                             Amanda Barnard (CSIRO)
Co-chairs:                      Raffaella Demichelis (Curtin)
                                        Peter Harrowell (University of Sydney)

F1. Modelling of materials structure, defects, and properties
F2. Data-driven material discovery and design
F3. Simulation of disordered and amorphous material, and assemblies

 G. Advanced Fabrication, Characterisation and Devices

Chair:                            Neeraj Sharma (University of New South Wales)
Co-chairs:                    William Rickard (Curtin University)
                                      Ruth Knibbe (University of Queensland)
                                      Qiaoliang Bao (Monash University)
                                      David Cortie (University of Wollongong)
                                      Charlene Lobo (University of Technology Sydney)

G1. Synchrotrons, Neutron scattering, electron microscopy, Scanning probe techniques etc.
G2. Advanced Material/Device Fabrication
G3. Advanced Material/Device Characterization
G3. Advanced Material/Device Manufacturing technology